We are all stories in the end…

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Random Thoughts on Life, Writing
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As I was folding laundry today (does it never end?), I turned on the television to have something to watch. I turned on an episode of Doctor Who and I heard the Doctor say something that I loved. “We are all just stories in the end.” That line says so much to me. There are so many things that can be taken from that line that can affect both life and writing.

Most people tend to think of stories as fiction that takes us away from life. Looking through a bookstore that appears to be true. However, think of all of the stories that you tell about friends and family. Think of the stories that you tell to friends and family. What about the stories that they tell about you? This is an untapped resource of ideas and revelations for writing about. Obviously, you don’t have to tell the full story as non-fiction, but instead use it as a basic idea or premise for something larger. Your source of ideas becomes infinite.

It is in life that I truly find the most wisdom in this saying. We are all just stories in the end. What is your story? My grandparents are gone. I tell many stories of them whenever I get the chance. My grandmother had an obsession with the Wendy’s chain of restaurants. She once wrote a thank you letter to Dave Thomas for creating the 99 cent value menu. The story of her eating at the drive through usually leaves people in tears with laughter. My grandfather got run over by a parked car. I’m not kidding! He actually did! The story would be nowhere as meaningful if he hadn’t told me about it himself in his matter-of-fact style. Though they have both been gone for over a decade, I know that they remain here whenever I tell one of their stories.

What is the story that you leave? Will it be a drama, tragedy, mystery, thriller, or comedy? Who will tell it? Everyone thinks of their legacy. As you grow older you often do things to try to secure your legacy. I’m less worried about that. Legacies are told by those that know of you, though they do not know you. Stories are told by those that have been there with you and seen you at your best and worst. They are shorter, more memorable, more personal, and more enduring. With each action you make, remember that you are creating your story. It may be told. It may wind up being written by someone with talent you have not yet realized. We can’t spend all of our time second guessing ourselves or worrying about other’s images of us, but we can still help shape our own stories. We are all just stories in the end.

  1. Blackbird says:

    Great post.

    And I love that Doctor Who quote (and that entire episode.. and well, all of the episodes really)… I have it written down amongst a collection of quotes I like to just look at from time to time. 🙂


    • slaterswords says:

      I didn’t really discover the Doctor until about a year or two ago. I’ve really enjoyed what episodes I have managed to see. I quote it to my students sometimes. Some are thrilled. Others roll their eyes.
      Whereas you find inspiration in music (I read your about me page) I often find it in individual lines from movies or TV shows. They just ask a question or something that set my mind working and it is downhill from there!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Blackbird says:

        I haven been a Who fan for long either, but I obsess when I like a show, so I sit and watch ALL the episodes if I can, and suddenly I know them all and won’t shut up about it… it’s a bit embarrassing really.

        Quotes are for me, like you said, good for making me think, for finding good ideas if I can… Music is less about the words, or about thinking for that matter, it’s more about how I want to feel. It’s a less rational kind of inspiration for me, if that makes sense. ^^”


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