Parenting fashion fail….

Posted: January 26, 2015 in Parenting
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I just had to share this parenting moment. It is one of those moments when you shake your head in confusion and laugh hysterically inside. We called my son downstairs after we had sent him up there to get dressed. He came downstairs wearing an outfit that I had to stare at for several seconds before I could figure out what it consisted of. There was a button down dress shirt, a clip on tie that was on crooked and incorrectly, and black and neon green exercise pants.

joes goofy outfitIt doesn’t matter who you are, these fashion statements certainly remind you of the joys of being a parent. No matter what is going on, you never know when your kid is going to make you smile.

  1. Children fashion is something that grown ups will never understand. My daughter used to wear a ballroom dress with rubber boots so it’s perfectly normal


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