I apologize for not having a new blog entry yesterday. Been a busy time in my household. I have a question for you all. I’m considering trying to do a video blog once a week. Do any of you follow a vlog or do one yourself? What do you think about them? 

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    Hiya, why do you feel pressured to post every day? It’s nice of you to consider us. Your household, as I’ve said to another reader just today, is the priority. We’ll wait until you’re ready to come back. I think if the vlog is not going to be seriously taking away family time and it is not a hassle for you to do, you should go for it. May I suggest doing three or four at one sitting and scheduling them? That way you can watch them again and assess them objectively closer to publishing.


    • slaterswords says:

      Actually, I try to post twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday. I was thinking about a vlog to save a little bit of time but also because I am an…animated speaker. Might make for interesting watching, or it might make people wonder if I need less caffeine in my life. I just am not certain if people would take the time to watch a vlog or would rather read.

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      • Sabiscuit says:

        That’s a good point over vlog versus a read. I use multiple devices so it would be tricky with my iPhone so I would probably need to wait a while to catch up. I imagine if your other readers are following quite a number of blogs in one list, your post would get buried in reader. Will you have the script and the video? You’d have everyone covered if you do. Personally, an overcaffeinated talker would be quite entertaining. As you can tell, I’m an overcaffeinated writer. Good luck!


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