So what about those short story prompts?

Posted: July 19, 2015 in Writing
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Well, a day ago I posted a vlog talking about the usefulness of short stories in helping you get through writer’s block. Naturally, plenty of people want to know how they are supposed to write a short story to help get them past their writer’s block if they can’t think of a basis for a short story. Here are a few prompts for short stories that you can use:

Write a story about the first time a character has to mow the yard.

Write a fictional family history about people moving into a house that is empty in your neighborhood.

Write a story based on your favorite song.

Write a story about one day told from the perspective of your pet.

Write a story about a leaf being carried along in a stream.

Write a story about writer’s block (I thought up a book idea that way once.)

Write a story about your first crush.

Write a story about the perceptions of Earth by a person from another planet/universe/dimension.

Write a story about five people in a plane that is flying overhead.

Write a story about teaching someone to play cards/poker.

There’s ten quick story ideas to help get you started, and those were just off of the top of my head. What about you? Any good story ideas?


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