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This week has been pretty hectic, so today I just uploaded a vlog to tell you what I’ve been up to, what I hope to be up to, and a thanks for all of those that have been there for me as this opportunity to write has emerged.



This isn’t a normal blog entry, but I had to put this out there: my novel, PUP, is the NOOK Daily Find at today! You can get an e-book version of the novel for just $1.99 today. If you need something to make you laugh, cry, or shake your head in amazement, it is a great purchase. Pass it on! 


Too busy to blog!

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Just wanted to say that the first round of testing is going on at my school, so I don’t have a lot of time for writing or blogging this week. That’s always a bit frustrating. However, I will leave you with this reminder for the week: persistence! In all things that you do, keep at it. You may never quite reach the goal that you set out for yourself, but if you give up quickly, then you will miss the journey. The end is not what is important. The journey is what makes us who we are.

Blogging while Momming…

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For any of you parents out there, I know that you can relate to this. Should you take time away from being (child’s name)’s Parent and be You for a while? When? What can you do? Is it fair to your family? Well, I’d say this blogger describes the situation better than I, and I know that we can all relate to it!

The Merriment of Mayhem

 And, yet, here I am.  The first photo is proof positive that I have things to do.  My very active and creative toddlers make sure my day  is filled with purpose.  Repeatedly.  And that’s just the living room.  The second photo is that sweet spot of the day – that moment of endless possibility.

I think all parents can relate to this.  You are standing at a crossroads.  On one path is the never-ending road of responsibility.  It’s the list of what I NEED to do.

  • I need to get the rest of the place cleaned up.
  • I also need to start planning dinner.
  • Oh, and I need to order that thing for (insert name) because he/she is running out of it.

Then, there is the path of hope, wishes, dreams… fun.  It’s the list of what I WANT to do.

  • I can watch that t.v. show everyone has…

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I have had some people tell me before that they like spring cleaning. I never allow myself to turn my back on those individuals. They scare me. However, there is some spring cleaning that you, as a writer, might want to consider that could actually benefit you in ways that you never considered. Check it out!