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“I know that I should have done more research, but where was a really supposed to look up information on that topic?” Many writers these days seem to be skipping out on the level of research that they could have undertaken simply because there didn’t seem to be much of an online presence for that topic. We have become an internet obsessed society (I mention on my online blog. The irony is not lost on me!) I think that there is an opportunity to research most topics if we are willing to look around. See what I mean here:


I just wanted to offer a brief thought for writers out there about how best to take advantage of the holidays. Of course, the holiday season is important for getting together with family, friends, and loved ones. I think that it goes without saying that this can be a source of remarkable material, especially if you are writing a comedy (stories about my family are legendary!) However, the holidays can be of great use for another reason. Many of the people that you get to see, speak to, and interact with during the holidays are often those that you don’t otherwise have much interaction with throughout the year. I’m not just talking about the weird uncle with all of the conspiracy theories. Many of these people you don’t get to see because of distance or work schedules or any of a million other things. This makes those individuals a great source while writing. Your ideas will be fresh to them. ¬†Obviously you want to speak to them about their personal life, family, etc., but getting their fresh opinion on a story idea, plot line, or even coming up with a name or two is like having a new beta reader. It can really help out your writing and create a new tie between you and that long lost acquaintance.

One of the more difficult things in life for many is using their imagination. Some people seem to be born with an incredible imagination that never runs out of ideas or points of view. Some people have trouble thinking of anything outside of their own experiences. If you are a writer, or hope to be a writer, imagination is an absolute necessity if you want to create not only storylines, but also characters that aren’t just pure reflections of yourself. While working with some students on this idea, I came up with a challenge to help them push that imagination a bit further. You can hear about it on my vlog.