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I used to love a song from Bon Jovi entitled¬†I Can’t Write a Love Song. There was something about the poetry of singing about why you can’t sing. I find it to be more of an irony than poetry today. I understand what the song was talking about now. I have needed to write a blog or record a vlog all weekend but haven’t been able to make myself do it. When I finally sat down this afternoon to write a blog, nothing that I wrote felt right. It didn’t sound right. I felt like I was forcing myself to put words on the page but not feeling them as I did. I finally had to admit to myself that I can’t write a blog today. There is no reason to write words that you don’t feel. Maybe tomorrow or the next day my mind, my heart, and my life will work together and allow me to have the words flow like they have before. But for now, I can’t write a blog today.