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Sometimes I wonder if I am alone in my discomfort when it comes to self-promotion. I have no problem standing in front of a group of people and telling them a story for the sake of entertainment, but I have never felt right if I am doing it for the sake of promoting something. It isn’t that I think that what I have is bad. I certainly hope that it isn’t! I guess that I just feel arrogant if I am trying to build up people’s view of me or my work. Am I alone in this? Probably. Just another one of those ways that I am weird. Well, despite that discomfort, this week I have to do some promotion because on January 31st, my first YA story, Darwin’s Selection, Volume 1: A Whole New World will be available as an e-book novella. I would really love a good showing, so I’m swallowing my discomfort and doing a little shameless self-promoting!


There are many times that you want to figure out how best to come up with ideas for stories or characters. I’ve oftentimes pointed out that you should look to the world around you for ideas. However, the times behind you are a wonderful source as well, not just for events, but for questions. See what I mean in this week’s vlog:

I promise to get more written blogs out as soon as I can. Mine is a very hectic life.

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A big Happy New Year to all! I’m starting out this new year by opening up a new chapter in my writing career. Here is my announcement for the release of my newest story, Darwin’s Selection!

“I know that I should have done more research, but where was a really supposed to look up information on that topic?” Many writers these days seem to be skipping out on the level of research that they could have undertaken simply because there didn’t seem to be much of an online presence for that topic. We have become an internet obsessed society (I mention on my online blog. The irony is not lost on me!) I think that there is an opportunity to research most topics if we are willing to look around. See what I mean here:

By this point I would think that everyone has heard of them. The electric cars are coming! Say goodbye to the gas pump because we will just be plugging everything in. We are going to see a dramatic change in the automobile. Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but my car is still running on gasoline and I don’t see that changing in my foreseeable future. So, has this blog suddenly been hijacked by some overly enthusiastic fan of Top Gear? Nope. It’s still me, and it might surprise you to know that I have a point (and that I am, in fact, a fan of Top Gear.)

Whenever a writer begins on a story it is expected, in their mind at least, to be the next big thing. They hope that there will be a titanic shift in the interest and focus of the literary community and that they will be the cause of it. In other words, say goodbye to the reign of the old, gas-guzzling storylines and say hello to the new, excitingly efficient new storylines! Everyone feels that they will break out of the mold of the current realm of authors and their influences on the genre and create a new, more interesting realm of their own. This is where I start to see the electric car comparison.

I have watched with great interest for years as electric cars have been developed, and I see the same results sometimes in my own stories and in some of the stories of other authors. Some story ideas, like some electric cars, just don’t seem to have the legs to take you where you want to go. The interest only lasts so long and then it seems to run out of spark. Others seem to lack the body and chassis to compare to their more traditional contemporaries. They never quite make themselves into what they could be. Finally, there are the stories and cars that are a little bit ahead of their time and not quite ready for the mainstream. The potential is there, and yet people are either too concerned about something new or can’t make themselves invest their time and money into it.

This all sounds pretty bleak, doesn’t it? It sounds like I’m a writer telling everyone not to bother to write. “The good stuff is already out there! Give it up!” Actually, I am trying to tell you the exact opposite. Whatever your new, brilliant story is, run with it as far as you can. Make it your new, breakout hit. You see, I’ve been waiting for that first amazing, capable, and affordable electric car to hit the market that doesn’t exist yet. However, I know that it will. Any day now, I know that someone is going to put out a news story about that electric car that really will change the face of driving. By the same token, someone is going to do the same with their story. They will push literature in a new direction that no one had considered before. What do you have to lose by trying to be that game-changing writer? Be bold! Take a chance! Make your imagination the creator of a new reality. If you happen to design a cool electric car at the same time, I will begin the chant of “We’re not worthy!”


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I didn’t get a chance to put up a blog or vlog last weekend for many reasons. One of the reasons was that I was trying to work on ideas for cover art. Honestly, I should have done that a while ago. After all, anyone that is honest with themselves will admit that they tend to judge a book by its cover. That first impression is hard to get past. If you do that with books you read, maybe you should do that with books that you write as well. Here are some thought on that:



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So here we are on Labor Day, so naturally many of us find ourselves at an outdoor barbecue. Now I will be the first to admit that I tend to leave this to the experts. Grilling just isn’t my thing. However, some people take it very seriously. This isn’t just a way of cooking food for them. They consider it an art form. Who am I to argue? Of course, I consider writing to be an art form as well, so if that is true, what can we learn about writing from grilling? Naturally, I have my own perspective on that, and here it is in this week’s vlog!


Well, they say that persistence pays off. I think that I hounded my publisher into submission, because on Friday I got the word that my next story is going to be published! The story will be released as a series of three e-book novellas. I’m really excited!

This story has been a real challenge for me. It is the first time that I have written a Young Adult novel, the first time that I have written a story with a female protagonist, and the first time that I am tackling a story with no military aspect to it (I’m a history teacher. What can I say?) I think that I have come up with a pretty imaginative approach that I hope will appeal to audiences of all ages. I will give some more details about the story as well as release dates in the near future. I hope that you will never quite look at the world around you the same again after reading it!


We all want to put everything that we have into everything that we do. It’s considered a sign of true character and proof of your determination and commitment to your work. Still, is this the best idea? If you put everything that you have into your first story or book, what happens when it is time for your second story? Watch to see what got me thinking about this and my logic behind the idea that you really need to hold something back.

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This week has been pretty hectic, so today I just uploaded a vlog to tell you what I’ve been up to, what I hope to be up to, and a thanks for all of those that have been there for me as this opportunity to write has emerged.